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ERIS Starts Here!

Earth’s most elite team of super soldiers, the Eris Vanguard, are on a mission to the far reaches of the galaxy to secure the source of Root - a substance used to control earth’s population - and kill the rogue operative that discovered it.

ERIS is a new science fiction comic collaboration with my brother Logan. It is both a love letter to the movies and comics we grew up loving and a deconstruction of the themes within them. ERIS takes you on a wild ride across a strange universe, further and further from the world you are familiar with. The journey will change your world-view and challenge your alliances.

New pages will be posted here on a regular basis. You can also follow along on my PATREON. Patreon comics-level subscribers get:

- Early access to all new ERIS pages! (We are usually at least 10 pages ahead on Patreon)

- Access to behind-the-scenes content detailing my creative process through pictures and video

- Access to my entire back catalogue of other comics projects

- Tons of other great content, like the Drawing Conversations Podcast

Please consider following me on Patreon:

We'd love for you to follow along as we push our creativity to it's limits! There will be bloody battles, mysterious despots, strange cultures, and disturbing dreams. Welcome to ERIS.


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