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Meet the BEEF BROS!  Two happy-go-lucky himbo bodybuilders stand up for their community, pushing back against sadistic cops and greedy landlords! 

This bundle collects the original 32 page comic and the 64 page bombastically beefy sequel where  Huey & Ajax Beef take on the prison-industrial complex and the entirety of the carceral state! There are laughs, there are fights, there are hugs, and most importantly, there are pancakes!


Written by Aubrey Sitterson, Art by Tyrell Cannon, Colors by Raciel Avila & Fico Ossio.



  • (2) 6.5"x10.25", 32/64 pages, color printed, staple/perfect binding.

  • Shipping is calculated based on weight and distance.  Shipping to US and Canada only.

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